Inspired by Colors

I believe colors play a role in influencing our thoughts and inspiring our moods.  On days filled with anxious thoughts the color blue brings peace.  Red inspires passion. Purple reminds me of royalty.  Pink brings thoughts of love and compassion.  White symbolizes purity.  Brown symbolizes protection and reminds me of the earth and being grounded.  Green, the word as well as the color, reminds us to do our part to preserve our environment.  Yellow inspires thoughts of warmth, sunshine and energy.  Orange is said to inspire wellness and emotional energy and joy.  The color grey is said to represent control and stabilization. Gray has a second role in that it contrasts with other colors to make them appear more vivid and vibrant.  Black is said to represent sophistication and strength.  Black also brings depth to other colors.   Colors are everywhere you are.  I challenge you to pay attention to the color of your surroundings.  Pay attention to their vibrancy and take notice of how they make you feel and the way they contribute to your thoughts.  I think you may just be surprised.